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Offering Hope, Healing and Wellness from a purpose-built clinic in Horsham, West Sussex.

Welcome to my world!

I am priviledged to practise the three pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Herbs, Acupuncture and Tuina.  Together these pillars of medicine offer a complete solution to help you recover and maintain your health.

From skin problems, a nasty UTI infection, a pulled muscle to help getting through cancer treatment and everything in between, TCM can provide answers. Learning to live well and long is also part of TCM thinking and lifestyle advice is key to maintaining your health.

TCM is not a miracle cure or a quick fix but it works.  TCM is a 4,000 year-old system that has been refined and developed over time.  In many countries it is part of their standard healthcare system rather than an "alternative" medicine as it is in the UK.

Over time this will change as people discover for themselves the healing power of Eastern Medicine.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the secrets I have discovered.


Caron Gillet

A really wonderful massage therapist

Having had a sore back for 3 to 4 months and having tried other alternative therapies I turned to BodyFix Therapies. After just one session I noticed a great improvement. The treatment room offered a warm and comfortable experience and Jenny’s knowledge and care exemplary.

Hinako Hatcher

I would recommend her to anyone

I have known Jenny for a several of years, and her immense knowledge of the body and the treatments always help me regain the energy as well as release bodily pain caused by my occupation. She holds a genuine passion for the Eastern treatments, and is one of the most sincere practitioners I have ever known.

Keith Smartle

She was gentle, kind and very skilled

After 5 treatments spaced out over several months my headaches are completely cured! Jenny is lovely. She explained Chinese Medicine meticulously and made sure I knew exactly what she was doing before she did it. She was gentle, kind and very skilled. It didn’t hurt a bit. In fact I found each experience intensely relaxing and even enjoyable in a strange sort of way. I always left feeling like I was floating on air. I recommend her highly.” 

Samantha Lewis

The results speak for themselves

Jenny is my go-to therapist for body and soul remedies. Jenny tailors her treatments for each condition and session. The results are amazing and I couldn’t be without her.

Pete Warber

When something works, go back again and again!

I have been treated successfully by Jenny in the past, where I had a severe lower back ache that affected my mobility quite a bit. On that occasion, i was amazed at how immediate the treatment had affected me. So for me, seeking Jenny's help again was an easy decision.

Offering Hope, Healing and Wellness

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