Migraines can be triggered by many factors such as seasonal allergies, food intolerances, stress, hormonal changes , lack of sleep etc.
If you are suffering from migraines you know how debilitating the symptoms can be, and what a negative impact on your life they can have.migraine
Traditional Chinese Medicine addresses the complexities of migraine headaches and each individual is treated according to their specific pathologic pattern.
There are many questions to consider when making a diagnosis such as, “What channel or organ is affected?” and “What is the root and the branch?”.
What do I mean by root and branch?! Well, simply put, the root refers to the origin of the migraine and the branch is the pain itself. By treating both we can achieve a more long term result instead of just getting rid of the pain. Migraines, according to Chinese Medicine can arise both from an excess/heat pattern or a deficiency of Qi and Blood. To find out what the root of your migraines are I recommend you see an Acupuncturist for a full diagnosis. You will be asked lots of questions about your migraine and your tongue and pulses will be examined.
Another extremely important question is, “Where is the pain located ?”
Location is very important, it will point to where there is a lack of energy flow or stagnation in the head. For example pain concentrated to the temples and sides of the head relates to the Liver and Gallbladder and the wood element. Stress, emotions, anger and decision making are associated with the Liver and Gallbladder.
Pain originating at the forehead is more related to the Stomach and earth element. Digestive issues, worry, and overthinking are symptoms associated with earth.
“What time of day does the headache occur?” is another strange but important question to ask.
Chinese Medicine uses a “body clock” in diagnosis built on the concept that each meridian/organ has a peak of energy and a time of low energy during a 24h cycle.
It is therefore important to let your Acupuncturist know if you experience a certain symptom or emotion usually at a similar time of day.
Every piece of the puzzle is important in Chinese Medicine – it is a fascinating way to treat the body as there will always be something that can be done to help someone.