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Do you really want change?

Thought you needed this… Why are you still living in a body that you’re unhappy with? It’s a hard question to honestly answer. I know. In my experience, people carry ‘unwanted’ pounds for very specific reasons. These reasons are subconscious, which is where things get tricky.Self-sabotage is your subconscious way of protecting yourself.Sounds crazy, but…

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Don't fall off the exercise wagon!

Body Fix Therapies - sports class

If you are looking for an excuse to fall off the exercise wagon, the universe will provide one.  Is this you? Have you relapsed into your old unhealthy habits? I am now recovering from a week long bout of the flu and I can feel how easy it would be to not return to my…

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5 Reasons To Motivate You…Even In December

Body Fix Therapies - Jenny Swan

Look, I get it. It’s cold, you’re busy and you don’t feel like exercising.  Not today. Not on a Monday in December and definately not at 6.30 in the morning! So I’m here to remind you of just how important exercise is and how great it makes you feel. Even on a Monday in December.…

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Don’t believe the Muffin Top Myth!!

If there’s one thing that really irks me, it’s seeing people led astray by the Muffin Top Myth. These well-meaning folks devote time and effort under a faulty premise that gets them zero results. And I get fired up! I know that when you put your valuable time and energy into a fitness program, you…

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What’s stopping you from getting the results you want?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m big into results. I like to write Programmes for my clients that produce results. Noticeable results.     I have a lady who has just managed to drop 15 % body fat – in 1 month!!!  1 month.   I give her credit – she did a Personal Training session with…

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