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Jenny’s an expert at people repair

Jenny's an expert at people repair. I've gone from just about functioning on a daily basis due to fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal pain, insomnia and crippling back spasms to sleeping through the night, constantly reducing pain levels and a desire to engage in life again. At my initial consultation, Jenny's compassion shone through, I felt she truly cared about wanting to help. Jenny's breadth of knowledge, her areas of expertise and the array of tools she has at her disposal is staggering. I've had around seven treatments now and leave every session with an improvement in my symptoms (and a smile on my face, she's got a great sense of humour). I also leave with a few specific exercises which although simple, tend to have a profound effect on locking in the beneficial effects of the treatment session. Those improvements are then compounded by a bespoke daily herb mixture made by Jenny using her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Jenny has given me hope for the future."

Gerard McDermott

My only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner

Jenny is a fantastic therapist! Her depth of knowledge is outstanding. She puts you at ease very quickly with her simple explanations of the techniques she uses. Having suffered for over a year with lower back and sciatic nerve pain I can now say that I am pain free and regaining my fitness at a pace which is not aggravating my past problems. My recovery was very slow and my confidence shot until I started acupuncture, massage and stretching with Jenny. Within weeks of my therapy starting she had given me the confidence to attend her very popular and enjoyable Pilates class which has returned fantastic results. I can not recommend Jenny highly enough. I had spent a lot of money on Chiropractors and Physio’s before using her and my only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner.

Gary Docherty

Jenny is a professional and wonderful therapist

Jenny is a professional and wonderful therapist. she has amazed me with her knowledge and understanding. she does not judge and i have felt completely at ease and trusting of her skills. i have never had acupuncture before and i am overwhelmed with the results.. thank you Jenny for all your support.

Tom Wells

I cannot recommend Jenny enough

Jenny is helping me with my digestion and kidney issues. I am taking Chinese herbs and having Chinese acupuncture. Both of which are helping me. Jenny has been very good in listening to me and coming up with an action plan going forward. She has also given me some trauma herbal gel, which has taken away the pain from my left arm (due to a frozen shoulder). I cannot recommend Jenny enough. Thank you Jenny.

Jackie Dade

An amazing and positive experience

After trying many forms of treatments, for my bad back I now have a flexible and pain free lower back thanks to Jenny. Through Accupuncture Jenny concentrates on the root of the issue whilst treating the whole body physically and emotionally. An amazing and positive experience. Highly recommended!

Emily Marsden

Jenny, you are a star!

I've known Jenny for quite some time now and she always seems to know the answers to pains and illnesses I get (not that I get them that often)! Can confidently say she is an expert in her field because I feel a million times better each visit! I'm still trying to get my head round how everything works. Whether it is pilates, workout or acupuncture Jenny knows how to get the best out of each one. She will help you understand what your end goal is and, above all, give you the motivation to reach it. Cannot recommend enough, as a teacher and a friend. Jenny you are a star !!

David Veitch

I can’t recommend Jenny enough

I had been suffering from debilitating chronic sciatic pain relentlessly for several months when Jenny was recommended to me by a local carpet fitter. I was on maximum pain relief which wasn't masking the pain and was severely effecting me both physically and emotionally. It's fair to say I was desperate! It took a few sessions but I turned a corner and now the sciatic pain has gone and my nerve just needs to finish recovering. I have halved the pain relief and some other side effects have been cured. I have had NHS acupuncture and there is absolutely no comparison. Jenny is an amazing acupuncturist, so knowledgeable, caring and totally dedicated. I can't recommend Jenny enough. Thank you Jenny!

Anna Fitzgibbon

She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring and above all listens!

Jenny has been treating me for several weeks now for various issues. She is by far the best therapist I have ever seen. She has an holistic approach and treats the whole person, not just the injured area. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring and above all listens! Thank you Jenny.

Linda Lee

One of the most sincere practitioners I have ever known

I have known Jenny for a several of years, and her immense knowledge of the body and the treatments always help me regain the energy as well as release bodily pain caused by my occupation. She holds a genuine passion for the Eastern treatments, and is one of the most sincere practitioners I have ever known.

Hinako hatcher

The results are amazing and I couldn’t be without her

Jenny is my go-to therapist for body and soul remedies. Jenny tailors her treatments for each condition and session. The results are amazing and I couldn’t be without her.

Samantha Lewis

Jenny’s knowledge and care exemplary

Having had a sore back for 3 to 4 months and having tried other alternative therapies I turned to BodyFix Therapies. After just one session I noticed a great improvement. The treatment room offered a warm and comfortable experience and Jenny’s knowledge and care exemplary. Thank you Jenny

Caren Gillet

It’s great! I really can’t recommend Jenny enough

“I have arthritis in my knees, which in spite of taking glucosamine supplements, are very painful especially when walking down stairs or downhill. About a year ago I went to Jenny for some acupuncture treatment, and wow what a difference!! My knees felt better pretty much straight away and amazingly continued to feel better for months and months afterwards. Gradually the pain has started to come back, recently exacerbated by a beautifully scenic but hard on the knees walk up and down Hellvelyn mountain in the Lake District. So I returned to Jenny again this week and had a session of Acupuncture using electrical stimulation. What can I say? Once again, and after only one session, my knees feel so much better. I know the arthritis is still there, but it’s nowhere nearly as painful, and I feel like my joints are somehow much more free. It’s great! I really can’t recommend Jenny and her Acupuncture treatment enough. Oh, and it’s not painful – Jenny is very skilled and reassuring, and knows her anatomy and physiology (and Acupuncture points) back to front.” Stewart Whitehead, Cowfold

Keep it coming, Jenny!!

“Jenny is unique in the range and depth of her approaches to working with mind and body. She’s a great personal trainer, motivating, funny and very perceptive. A really wonderful massage therapist – you just know you are in safe and very knowledgeable hands. And now a qualified and highly effective acupuncturist. I wonder what she is going to master next!! Keep it coming, Jenny!!” Guy Claxton, Horsham

I recommend her highly

“I went to see Jenny because I have had migraine headaches for many years and nothing has really helped. Within one treatment of Acupuncture something changed. After 2 I knew I had found the answer. After 5 treatments spaced out over several months my headaches are completely cured! Jenny is lovely. She explained Chinese Medicine meticulously and made sure I knew exactly what she was doing before she did it. She was gentle, kind and very skilled. It didn’t hurt a bit. In fact I found each experience intensely relaxing and even enjoyable in a strange sort of way. I always left feeling like I was floating on air. I recommend her highly.” Keith Smartle, Southwater

I would definitely recommend Jenny

“I am a long distance runner and have had hamstring issues on and off for several years. I went to see Jenny on recommendation for a Tuina massage. After a Postural Assessment and a subsequent massage I was delighted to find that my legs felt completely different on my next marathon. It lasted for about a month so I returned. This time I had Acupuncture which after only 1 session completely took away the pain. That was 3 months ago. I would definitely recommend Jenny for her professionalism, expertise and care. I really enjoyed my treatment and indeed will be returning for maintenance massage when I need it.” Pete Thompson, Horsham

I wish I had found this style of massage years ago!

“My lower back has progressively got worse since my second child. Nothing seemed to work despite 2 weekly Chiropractor sessions for a year, drugs and various other professionals. After my first session of Acupuncture with Jenny, the pain lessened considerably – 2 more sessions and it’s gone! Jenny has a way about her – she made me feel completely at ease and I knew she understood my pain and my situation. I felt safe. I was confident from the first session that she could help me. I now also have a regular Tuina massage with Jenny to keep my back supple and pain free. Tuina is amazing – I wish I had found this style of massage years ago!” Sharon Peters, Horsham

Your body will thank you for finding someone whose knowledge is so deep and comprehensive.

I first visited Jenny after pulling some muscles from wakeboarding. l thought I needed a sports massage, what I needed was a Jenny. Her knowledge, experience and treatments go so far beyond what I could have hoped for. On my third visit I had damage to my hearing from a surf related trauma - she did acupuncture on my ear and the issue fixed itself 24hrs later. I always leave Jenny having learnt something new about my body and I feel stronger and repaired. I trust her implicitly to make the best decisions about my body's needs. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

A. Nettly Horsham

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