“I have arthritis in my knees, which in spite of taking glucosamine supplements, are very painful especially when walking down stairs or downhill. About a year ago I went to Jenny for some acupuncture treatment, and wow what a difference!! My knees felt better pretty much straight away and amazingly continued to feel better for months and months afterwards. Gradually the pain has started to come back, recently exacerbated by a beautifully scenic but hard on the knees walk up and down Hellvelyn mountain in the Lake District. So I returned to Jenny again this week and had a session of Acupuncture using electrical stimulation. What can I say? Once again, and after only one session, my knees feel so much better. I know the arthritis is still there, but it’s nowhere nearly as painful, and I feel like my joints are somehow much more free. It’s great! I really can’t recommend Jenny and her Acupuncture treatment enough. Oh, and it’s not painful – Jenny is very skilled and reassuring, and knows her anatomy and physiology (and Acupuncture points) back to front.”
Stewart Whitehead, Cowfold