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    Pilates is a mind-body exercise system created by Joseph Pilates.  Modern day instructors adapt his thinking to reflect modern research and understanding of how the body moves and recovers from injury.

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    Burn significant amounts of body fat, while increasing flexibility, muscle power and endurance

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    Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system suitable for all ages and conditions

For a strong, healthy, injury free body

Pilates started as a mind-body exercise system created by German-born Joseph Pilates.  His aim was to acquire control over the body through a system of daily exercises which would lead to suppleness and muscular power, with corresponding endurance, good posture and alleviation of body strain.
These days, Pilates teachers, including me, adapt his exercises according to the needs of the particular individual. For example, exercises can be tailored to elevate the heart rate for cardiovascular fitness, stretch the muscles to encourage greater flexibility and increase strength through resistance.  Equipment such as dumb bells, Pilates balls, circles, bands and rollers etc can be used to achieve a variety of specific purposes.
Regular practice of this type of exercise can transform dramatically the way your body looks, feels and performs.  It will boost energy levels and build strength, without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.  
I tailor Pilates exercises to your personal situation so that, irrespective of your age or physical condition, you will look and feel your very best.

A personal passion!

I have been teaching Pilates for too many years to mention! I also practise Pilates and Yoga regularly and love the way they make my body feel. I notice when I don’t do it and I don’t like it!

I help people incorporate this type of controlled and effective training into their lives so they can experience for themselves the range of benefits it offers and transform the way their bodies look, feel and perform.

For those who are recovering from injuries, Pilates can be adapted to enable exercise without further injury and to promote recovery. I help people to achieve this in a kind and encouraging manner.

The benefits of Pilates

Increased muscle strength and tone

Greater flexibility

Improved coordination

Boosted energy levels

Better posture 

Weight loss and fat burning

Flatter tummy and more defined waist

Toned thighs and bottom

Relief from back, neck and joint pain

Reduced symptoms of arthritis

Easily adapted for rehabilitation

Time for you - time to unwind and relax body, soul and spirit!

Pilates Success Stories

Robert Franklin

“I am 72 years old and was very nervous about using a Personal Trainer. Jenny put me at ease immediately with her wicked sense of humour! Her knowledge of anatomy is inspiring and I feel completely safe with her.


I have been recovering from a hip replacement and have been seeing Jenny as a therapist and also as my personal pilates trainer.

Her training has been top notch and deeply helpful in unravelling wrong thinking about Pilates exercises and putting me right as to what exercises I should be doing now I have a new hip!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jenny and found them stimulating and helpful.  Thank you Jenny!


After a long term back injury and seeing various chiropracters and osteopaths I was at the end of my tether when I found wasn't getting any better but I was getting a lot poorer!

Jenny helped the pain with her needles and amazing massage skills within about 5 weeks and then got me on her mat and taught me how to strengthen my core muscles.

It was actually quite revolutionary for an old guy.  I can now stand up straight and hold my tummy in all day if necessary.

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