Personal Training

  • Freedom from the gym

    You’ve been on a treadmill for years + where did it get you? Exactly.

  • Community

    Meet warm, friendly training groups + give each other laughs & encouragement.

  • Motivation

    Caring support from Jenny Swan with ideas on how to maximize your progress.

  • Results

    See what targeted exercise can do to help you meet your fitness goals + be amazed!

Bespoke Fitness for Individuals

BodyFix Therapies custom-built private studio, is in the garden of my home in Horsham.  It is the perfect setting for focused personal training, rehabilitation fitness training, massage or acupuncture - as needed.

My results-driven personal training programs are tailored to what you need as an individual – there is no “one size fits all” approach with me.  I listen to what you want and then use different approaches to help each person reach their goals.  Whether your goal is weight loss, achieving a specific target such as a marathon or to take part in a strength event or simply improving your flexibility – I work with you step by step  to achieve improvements in strength, shape and stamina.

We start by assessing your fitness and chatting about what your specific goals are and any physical limitations or injuries that need to be taken into account. Then I create a personal training program for you that will give you an enjoyable, safe and effective route to meeting your fitness objectives.  This may also include dietary recommendations, additional exercises to do at home or in the gym or advice on receiving sports massage or physiotherapy.

Blood pressure monitoring, Body Fat analysis and postural analysis is also part of your Personal Training session.

Buddy Personal Training

Buddy personal training is training with one or two other friends, with me supervising the session. The program and benefits are similar to those of 1-to-1 training, although the cost is considerably less for each individual.

This a fun and sociable way to train with your friends: people you are happy to workout with — and who won’t be fazed when they see you collapse in a sweaty heap! Buddy personal training keeps you on your toes. If you miss a session, you are accountable not just to yourself, but to your friends too. 

With such a small group, I am very attentive to designing a program that meets your unique needs, while always keeping a close eye on technique. 

To loose weight
To feel better about yourself
To tone your entire body
To increase your energy levels by 50%
To retrain your core muscles
To eliminate back pain and bad posture
To increase your flexibility
To enjoy exercise
To know HOW to exercise – to know what is effective and what is not
We can help!

Personal training is for people who are serious about getting results: athletes in training; mums fighting to lose baby fat: people on a mission to return from injury; anyone that’s determined to reach their full physical potential. Personal training sessions help you achieve your goals faster. They give you a focused fitness plan that will deliver results – if you stick to it.

I use different equipment and training styles to get the best results for each client.  These may include:


Suspension Training: 

My studio is fitted with TRX suspension training equipment, which can be used in many exercises. This type of training strengthens the whole body, in particular the core muscles which are key in every exercise!


Fitness Pilates: 

This is so effective in training the core muscles, improving mobility, building strength and sculpting the body, without adding bulk. It’s great for helping people of all ages and abilities to strengthen their bodies from the inside out.  If done properly there is no risk of injury and indeed, will prevent injury – especially back injuries.


Weight Training: 

I use various weights in my training programs, including Kettle bells and Bar Bells and simple hand weights. Weight training is a must if you want to build a strong, lean body that burns fat at an increased rate even while you sleep!


Body Weight Exercises: 

Some of the most effective exercises you can do, including press ups, planks and different types of squats, simply use your own body weight as resistance to help you build strength. The skill is knowing how to put an effective program together using all of the above and which is tailored for you, as an individual, with your particular goals.



This is vital to release muscle tension, lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and help you to avoid injury. Every personal training program I design includes lots of stretching.  

Whatever combination of exercises we build into your BodyFix Therapies personal training program, you can rest assured they will deliver measurable results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build stamina and strength, recover from injury or simply be reunited with your tummy muscles, we can help.

“I started Fitness in Horsham to help people enjoy fitness for life. Since I started FIH it has evolved to become a place for people from every walk of life to get and stay fit, recover from injuries and then get strong – from the inside out. I want to inspire and motivate people to love using their bodies regularly and effectively so they can live their lives to the full without pain or excess weight! I want to help them transform the way they look and feel. And I want them to be amazed by their achievements. Currently I offer 1 Pilates classes in the community, so people can see what I am about! In my Studio I offer personal training, small group Pilates and Personal Training and sports/deep tissue massage. Fitness In Horsham is about fitness, health, wellbeing, fun and freedom from pain. Many clients say that they have discovered a new enjoyment of exercise and life!”

Personal Training Prices

Includes Postural assessment, Gait analysis, Body Fat calculation, Nutritional analysis, Pilates instruction.

60 mins – £65
90 mins – £ 90

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