Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation Principles

    There are seven foundational principles of rehabilitation based on the mnemonic: ATC IS IT.

    Avoid aggravation




    Specific sequencing


    Total patient

  • What is exercise rehabilitation?

    Exercise rehabilitation is a personally prescribed set of exercises that range from active movement through to strengthening exercises using therabands, body weight and resistance machines or free weights. The exercises prescribed depend on your particular condition and needs.

  • Motivation

    Recovering from injury can be painful and frustrating.  It can often feel like two steps backward and one step forward. I can help you remember that you will reach the hilltop even though you might feel you are down in the valley.

After falling off a ladder and breaking my back I thought I would have permenant pain and stiffness.

I won't like, rehab was really painful, difficult and frustrating.  It took a long time.  However,

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