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Transform Your Dinner in 5 Easy Steps

I know you are thinking about your Christmas dinner at the moment but cast your thoughts to the other meals you will be cooking both this year and next. I would like to ask you a question:  Are the dinners that you cook healthy? Think so, but not sure? If your weight loss has slowed,…

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Just the Wakeup call you needed!

It happens to everyone. That moment when you realize that it’s time to do something about your weight. It may happen when you’re looking in the mirror or standing on the scale – or try on a new pair of jeans! Your first thought is to go on a ‘diet’ but as quickly as that enters your…

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4 MUST-HAVES in every meal

This may be the most important message of the year regarding your eating plan for 2014. If you use these 4 strategies with every meal, I guarantee you’ll have an amazing physical transformation this year… 1) Pay attention to the cooking method The way a meal is cooked determines how many calories, how much added…

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Why Are You Eating That?

Goodbye, 2013. Hello, 2014! Has the New Year gotten to you yet? You know what I’m talking about—that feeling of excitement in your gut as the New Year greets you with the promise that you can turn things around…that you can shake off past mistakes…that you can become better. The New Year renews hope for…

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4 Simple Ways to Eat Clean

By now you are probably aware that the term, eat clean, has nothing to do with washing your food and has everything to do with eating in a way that promotes fat loss.  While it may sound simple enough, it’s pretty challenging to stick with a clean eating plan. I suppose if it were easy then…

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The Secret to Enviable Abs!

So you want the secret to enviable abs?  Well, get in line. So does everyone else.  It’s puzzling that something so desirable is completely elusive for most people. Especially when it IS fully possible for you to dramatically shape up your waistline.  Yes, you. Y-O-U.  My clients routinely lose weight and transform their bodies. You…

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This Fat Loss Tip WORKS!!!

You are completely fed up…and I don’t blame you. For ages you’ve been eating healthy and exercising, and yet still haven’t met your fat loss goal. What’s the deal? This is a quandary that all dedicated fat-loss-seekers find themselves facing, sooner or later. Why won’t the weight come off? You are doing everything you can…

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Is fruit destroying your results?

Most of us consider fruit to be healthy – something that we can enjoy without restraint. And while fresh fruit does contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, the market place has been flooded with “fruit products” that are sabotaging your fat loss results. Is any product with the word “fruit” in the name a valid…

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30 Days to a New You!!!

We are nearly into the middle of October 2013 – the Christmas holidays are on the horizon!  When do YOU begin to celebrate the Christmas season and HOW do you celebrate? For some people it starts as soon as the Christmas decorations start appearing in the shop windows giving that “Chrismasy feel”!  That’s about now…

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Big Mac vs …….

What’s your favourite Mac Donald’s meal?  Cheeseburger, Fillet of Fish, Chicken Sandwich, chicken nuggets or the Big Mac with large fries and soft drink you HAVE to order with it?!!! So, you eat your Big Mac, large fries and guzzle your soft drink, belch gratefully and then …  an hour to an hour and a…

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