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Archive for September 2013

Time Saving Workouts Prove More Effective

How many times have you told yourself that you’d exercise and get fit, if only you had the time? If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard the I-don’t-have-time excuse I would be a multi-millionaire! Well, you will be pleased to know that new and exciting research is coming out in favor of…

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How effective are your workouts?

This question might make you squirm, but I’m going to ask it anyway… (No, I’m never going to give up!!) How effective are your workouts? Really?  Honestly? Do you regularly push yourself to the limit? Do you feel the burn with each rep? Do you have nothing left to give when it’s over?  Or would…

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Big Mac vs …….

What’s your favourite Mac Donald’s meal?  Cheeseburger, Fillet of Fish, Chicken Sandwich, chicken nuggets or the Big Mac with large fries and soft drink you HAVE to order with it?!!! So, you eat your Big Mac, large fries and guzzle your soft drink, belch gratefully and then …  an hour to an hour and a…

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7 Ways to Crave Less Sugar

If I were to award a single food item with the title of ‘Fastest Way To Pack On The Pounds’, hands down the winner would be – refined sugar!  As a nation, we have been eating more and more sugar over the past 200 years, which has led to rising obesity numbers. Back in the 1800’s…

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